Issue #5

Solo Show:Bernhard Fuchs, Roads and Paths

Solo Show: Keliy Anderson-Staley, Off the Grid

Solo Show:Sean Stewart, Rivertown

Solo Show: Malwine Rafalski, Holon

Interview: Eirik Johnson

Interview: Mark Steinmetz

Interview: Peter Brown by Bryan Schutmaat

Essay: John Divola by Daniel Shea

William Gedney, Kentucky 1964-1972

We Recommend: Gerard Malanga, Someone's Life


Issue #4

Solo Show: Shen Wei, Chinese Sentiment

Solo Show: Susan Worsham, Some Fox Trails in Virginia

Interview: Andrew Phelps

Interview: Ron Jude

Interview: Karin Apollonia Mueller

Essay: Simon Roberts, We English

Book Review: Mark Ruwedel, Westward the Course of Empire, by Justin James Reed

We Recommend: Peter Sutherland, Muddy Treads


Issue #3

Solo Show: T.J. Proechel, Dream House

Solo Show: Patrick Romero, Earthquake Weather...or Stranded in Los Angeles

Review: Doug DuBois, ...all days and nights, by Amy Stein

Essay: One day in November, by Jessica Backhaus

"Drink your coffee," I said: John Gossage meets Raymond Carver

Interview: Mårten Lange

Book Review: Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan, Evidence, by Daniel Shea

We Recommend: Ye Rin Mok, Ichkawadaimon


Issue #2

Solo Show: Ben Alper, The Family Dig

Solo Show: Nicola Kast, How Can We Be So Different?

Interview: Andrea Diefenbach

Essay: Ian Aleksander Adams, On Fear and Photography

Book Review: Bertrand Fleuret, Landmasses and Railways, by Adam Bell

Book Review: Alec Soth, Dog Days Bogotà, by Shawn Gust

Book Review: Robert Adams, The New West, by Daniel Shea

We Recommend: Magdalena Fischer, Things Unnecessary


Issue #1

Solo Show: David Schoerner, Untitled

Solo Show: Urszula Wolek, Observation of Women in Dresses

Interview: Eric Weeks

Interview: Glen Erler

Essay: Tierney Gearon by Liz Kuball

Book Review: Coley Brown, Jam jelly honey wild rice, by Andrew Phelps

Book Review: Leni Riefenstahl, The Last of the Nuba, by Daniel Shea

We Recommend: Paul Paper, Tiny Photographs of Melancholy