Tree With Roots, New Brunswick Swimming at Conway Station, Conway Odette breast feeding, Montague Tiny Pumpkin, Northampton India Asleep in the Backseat, I-90 Lily, Will and Isaac waking up, Woodstock Birds in a Tree, Berkeley Dan on His Stoop, Oakland Sand Dune, Wellfleet Kieran at Work, Northampton Rose Bush at Nigh, Brooklyn   Lydia with a Fake Mustache, Brooklyn   Emily's Trailer (Be Friend), Conway   Dan Scraped and Bruised, Conway   A Wall That Used to Have Pictures On It, Northampton   Lydia in the Woods, Ashfield   Tree in Snow, Conway   The Sink After Brushing My Teeth, Northampton   Nate's Arm After Being Roofied and Falling Through a Window, Rowe   View From My Porch, Jamaica Plain   Me on My 29th Birthday, Northampton   Altar For My Father, Conway   Kieran and India Waking From a Nap, Bovina   Aerial Photo on the Wall, Conway  
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